Training of Trainers -
Behavior Crisis Management Training (BCMT)

A crisis management program developed specifically for teaching foster parents how to prevent and intervene appropriately in crisis situations. BCMT is suitable for home use with a broad age range of children and youth.

Course Description

Learn to train Behavior Crisis Management Training (BCMT). Adapted especially for resource families (foster parents, therapeutic foster parents, adoptive parents and kinship families) from the NRCYS Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB) curriculum, this trainer certification course is for staff that will train current and future resource families.

You’ll receive

  • A complete BCMT Trainer’s Guide and Reproducible Participant’s Manual with trainer how-to’s, resources and sample activities plus worksheets, key concepts, and photographs.
  • 2.6 CEUs (26 clock hours) from The University of Oklahoma.

BCMT Trainer Competencies

  • Know and understand the Behavior Crisis Management Training philosophy, premises, and curriculum content.
  • Know how to implement prevention and early intervention strategies as it relates to crisis situations in a family setting.
  • Know how to recognize and de-escalate violent or potentially violent situations using verbal intervention techniques with children and youth in a family setting.
  • Know and understand the limited circumstances in which physical intervention should be used in a family setting.
  • Be able to use a passive physical intervention technique that reduces the risk of harm to youth and self, if necessary.
  • Know how to process crisis events with youth after the crisis is over, using strategies that teach alternative behaviors to aggression.
  • Be able to effectively deliver the Behavior Crisis Management course, including philosophy, non physical, and physical intervention to staff in their agencies.
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